Policy and Terms

1. Warranty Policy

Backlink Warranty

All our Backlink service packages are warranted for 1 year with a 1 to 1 exchange mechanism, which means that within 1 year from the time the customer registers the service and is completed, if the Backlink packages are damaged. Errors (dead link, link not working...) will be fixed by us and replaced with other equivalent links

Note: We also need customers to understand that Backlinks are public, that is, they belong to other organizations in the world that provide Websites and we do Backlinks on those sites, so it is inevitable that the link will fail over time. time. However, we will apply a 1-year warranty to ensure that the backlinks are safe for our customers' Websites

Warranty Backlink Newspaper

All Newspaper Backlinks are guaranteed by us for life, Reported Backlinks are backlinks placed through official news sites and we have a contract to do this

Note: In cases where your Website publishes content that violates the Law, the Newspaper agency may censor and delete the article without prior notice, in the meantime we will check the reason and report back to the customer. . In case of clear violation, the deletion of this post is valid and we will not guarantee (refund)

Guest Post Warranty

All Guest Post packages are warranted by us for life, which means that in any case the Guest Post post no longer exists, we will have a policy of finding a new site of equal quality and replacing it with a replacement warranty. client

Note: There are many reasons for the loss of Guest Post posts, our service is the connection between Guest Post sellers and Guest Post buyers, Guest Post posts are no longer available (meaning lost, deleted) It's unfortunate and we can't control it either. However, with the maximum customer protection policy, we will provide a lifetime replacement warranty

2. Refund Policy

Transparency in service

We provide relatively complete information about 1 product and service being displayed for customers to choose and purchase. In any unclear information, please contact the sales department for complete and accurate advice.

After being consulted and understood, proceed to order and pay the service fee (according to the service implementation process at this link).

Refund Policy

Our service is the connection between the seller and the buyer, it is possible that your order for some reason cannot be successfully posted on Guest Post pages (or newspapers). then we will notify and advise customers to switch to other sites of the same or higher quality. In cases where the customer does not agree, we will refund the fee for the product / or order that you have paid.

Regarding the warranty of the Guest Post & Booking newspaper, we will provide a lifetime warranty according to the above warranty, in the case of a replacement product that the customer does not agree, we will refund 50% Charges for products purchased by the customer

Refunds apply within 15 days from the date of product delivery

3. Privacy Policy

This management page has a full range of modern and convenient payment methods for customers, including online payment methods.

Online payment methods include

  • Pay by Visa/Master Card
  • Pay by card numbers of domestic banks in Vietnam
  • Payment by e-wallets
  • Payment partner

We use online payment partner OnePay - licensed and guaranteed to pay according to the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. We have a very close cooperation contract with our partners in ensuring payment as well as related claims

Security of customer payment information

Our system does not store any information related to your credit card and banking information, we only process the order code and all information is processed by OnePay, so Customer Completely secure about banking information security

Confidentiality for your agent

The platform is an unlimited agency recruiting system, meaning your accounts can create and search for more sub-agents, through which sub-agent accounts are fully featured. for sales like your account.

Our system tries to maximize the protection of the interests of buyers and sellers, along with a mode to support buyers in a maximum time frame of 4 hours from the time of receipt of the request, so all Your customers (and your agents included) will receive support from us

Support contact information (Phone number, chat nick) will follow the information in the lower right corner of this Website.

4. Handover and acceptance

Delivery time

Depending on each product and service, there will be a standard delivery time, usually no more than 7 working days. Our service is the connection platform between sellers and buyers around the world, so different time zones, holidays, holidays by region, each country will be different, so Delivery time changes may occur - at this time we will proactively notify customers

For Guest Post and Booking newspaper posts, there will usually be an edit to the content to suit the requirements of the posting place, so the handover time also needs to take into account the approval process between the two posts. side, the posting start date is the latest approved date (according to the statistics on the order progress)

Standard handover time

  • Guest Post: Usually no more than 7 days
  • Booking Newspaper: Usually no more than 7 days
  • Backlink packages: Usually no more than 9 - 12 days